Schools Funding Consultation

The Department for Education opened a consultation on 8th July exploring School Funding with the Government claiming it will be made simpler, fairer and more transparent as the Government 'levels up education across the country'

At the moment, the Government provides funding for schools according to a formula that takes account of factors including the needs of individual pupils and much more. But each local council sets its own formula for how to distribute that funding between schools in its area. It means similar schools can get different levels of funding – just because they happen to be in different parts of the country.

The Government has launched a consultation that seeks views on how to simplify that process and, ensure all schools are funded on a single, fair and consistent basis.

The Government is providing the biggest uplift to school funding in a decade – £14 billion in total over the three years to 2022-23 –as well as investing in early years education and targeting our ambitious recovery funding, worth £3 billion to date, to support disadvantaged pupils aged two to 19 with their attainment.

School Standards Minister Nick Gibb said:

Parents and families deserve to know that the extra money we are putting into the education system is benefitting their children, wherever they live.

We are delivering the biggest increase in school funding in a decade, with total additional funding of over £14bn over three years – but it is important the money is distributed fairly.

We’ve already taken significant steps by removing the postcode lottery of the previous funding system but now it is time to go further and make the system simpler and more transparent – and ensure every school is treated fairly, wherever it is in the country.

The Press Release from the Government can be viewed at this link: School funding to be made fairer and clearer - GOV.UK (

The consultation closes on 30th September and can be accessed at this link:
Fair school funding for all: completing our reforms to the National Funding Formula - Department for Education - Citizen Space


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