RSN Executive Meeting 26th September 2016


Cllr Cecilia Motley, Cllr Lewis Strange, Cllr Derrick Haley, Cllr Janet Duncton, Cllr Peter Stevens, Cllr Sue Sanderson, Revd Richard Kirlew, Stewart Horne, Christina Watson, John Birtwistle
Graham Biggs, David Inman, Andy Dean, Kerry Booth.


Cllr Robert Heseltine ( First Vice Chair ) Cllr Adam Paynter (South West) Cllr Gordon Nicholson (North)

To download the agenda and the papers associated with the meeting click here
1. Notes of Previous Meeting:

Agreed as a correct record

2. Notes of Last Main meeting.

Agreed as a correct record.

3. RSN Rural Conference 2O16.

It was considered the event had been very successful. Numbers had been marginally up on the previous year and a small surplus had been generated. The Executive members who had attended had received good feedback from those attending. Jessica Sellick's note on proceedings was received. It was felt the event should be held in Cheltenham again in 2O17 and the University's kind offer of free accommodation again should be accepted with thanks. This free accommodation made the event viable and sustainable.

4. Budget.

A budget statement was circulated by the Chief Executive, Graham Biggs. The current situation saw a budget that was on target but 10k of RSN member subscription and £4K of RSP subscriptions were still outstanding.

5. Arrangements with Pixel Consulting.

Graham detailed arrangements for the continuation of a financial service to members now that Dan Bates had moved to work with the financial consultants Pixel. The service included the financial service previously given but also now included periodic newsletters. The Executive were happy with these arrangements.

6. Future Directions (The report which followed from these discussions can be downloaded here)

The Executive received four papers from the Director and the Chief Executive. These papers were a document entitled 'Future Directions' setting how it was considered the RSN organisation could go forward over the next five years; a document entitled ' Representing Rural ' discussing how consensus opinion across English rural areas might be identified and harnessed and two Addendum one showing the variance between the rural population and the overall population in the constituted shire areas of England; and the second showing how all the 240 council areas with significant rural population could theoretically be involved in the representation of these rural areas as a whole through RSN membership.

The reports contained suggestions about future organisational sustainability; a revised system of service charge; suggestions in relation to future LGA based meetings, rural-urban comparison, the suggested future Sparse Rural Financial Service, a rural vulnerability initiative, and how rural could be best represented as an entity.

Detailed discussion took place on the documents presented and the Executive agreed the various recommendations some with slight wording changes. A report from the Executive would be prepared for presentation to the RSN AGM on the fourteenth of November. This report would be first sent to the Chair and then agreement from the rest of the Executive would be sought by e mail. It would then constitute the formal decisions/recommendations of the Executive on the issues concerned.



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