Reopening of rural schools ‘unrealistic’

The North Devon Gazette reports that headteachers in North Devon have welcomed the news that all children and young people will return to full-time education at the start of the next academic year in September

Schools and colleges will deliver a full curriculum, with limits on group sizes to be lifted. Schools are being asked to keep children in class or year-group sized ‘bubbles’, with older children keeping their distance from each other and staff where possible. However, teachers criticised the guidance in having ‘fundamental flaws’ and not ‘appreciating how rural schools are actually run’.

One teacher told the paper the ‘bubble’ system was ‘unrealistic’ with a large percentage of children in rural schools travelling on public or provided transport, and added that children were unlikely to stick to age groups outside of school.

The report calls into question whether the Government guidelines are adequately taking into account the varying needs of rural schools compared to their urban counterparts.

Full article:

The North Devon Gazette - Full reopening of schools in September welcomed by North Devon headteachers


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