Housing and Employment: A Survey of Rural Residents’ Experiences and Opinions

Rural England CIC has published a summary note based on a survey of rural residents to explore their views about housing development and priorities, and related employment issues

The note summarises the findings of a survey which was managed by the Countryside and Community Research Institute (University of Gloucestershire) with support from Rural England CIC.

This survey found that rural residents fell into two broad groups when asked about new housing development taking place in their local areas. 42% took a positive view, either welcoming that development or seeing it as needed.  However, 46% held more negative views, that it either threatened the rural character of their area or was simply inevitable.

Those responding to the survey overwhelmingly expressed a preference for new housing to be either affordable or for local people. Affordability was particularly important for those aged 16 to 34 and for those who are currently sharing someone elses home.

The survey indicated considerable dissatisfaction with the current model for rural development and the responses could be interpreted as indicating support for greater intervention in the housing market.

→ To read the summary note click here


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