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Drug-testing facilities in UK town centres

The parents of two teenagers killed by high-strength drugs have called for drug-testing facilities to be opened in town centres around the UK.

Other countries such as the Netherlands, Switzerland and Spain provide government-funded services where people can test the content of illegal drugs, but the UK has no such equivalent despite having the some of the highest rates of drug-related deaths in Europe.

Currently the charity The Loop offers drug testing centres at some music festivals around the country but is looking to expand their service into town centres in order to help clubbers but also more vulnerable users, such as addicts.

However, for this initiative to get off the ground the charity would need substantial government funding for what remains a highly contentious strategy, with many opponents claiming it encourages drug use.

Full article:

→ The Independent - Put testing labs in town centres to prevent 'needless' deaths, say parents of teens killed by ecstasy overdoses


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