DEFRA's guide to community rights

DEFRA has published a step-by-step guide overview of rights introduced to give people more power over what happens in their neighbourhood.

The document outlines the legal powers granted by the government and new opportunities for residents to influence their neighbourhood.

"Whether you want to stop the local shop closing, get more homes built, or improve local public services, this quick and simple guide will point you in the right direction," it says.

Policies covered by the You've got the Power document include:

* Neighbourhood planning
* Community Right to Build
* Community Right to Bid
* Community Shares
* Our Place!
* Community Right to Challenge
* Town and parish councils
* Right to Manage and community cashback
* Right to Reclaim Land

The guide also includes examples of people who are already using the new rights to make changes in their area.

For details, click here.


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