Winning the Rural Vote: Prioritising Rural Health and Care Services

Each week we are focusing on a different policy area within our ‘Winning the Rural Vote Campaign’ and this week we are exploring the Rural Access to Health and Care Services chapter.

The value of rural communities extends beyond their economic contributions; they are integral to the nation's health and social fabric. As we approach the next general election, the Winning The Rural Vote campaign shines a spotlight on the critical area of Health and Care Services in rural regions. This chapter emphasises the unique challenges rural residents face in accessing healthcare and the strategic actions needed to address these disparities, ensuring that rural health and care services are a priority.

Understanding Rural Healthcare Needs
Rural residents navigate a complex landscape of healthcare challenges, from sparse medical facilities and an aging population to digital divides and workforce recruitment difficulties. These challenges are exacerbated by housing inadequacies and limited transportation options, hindering access to essential services. The post-Covid-19 era has only intensified the urgency to address these issues, making healthcare a paramount concern for rural communities.

The Data Tells the Story
The stark disparity in healthcare accessibility and funding between rural and urban areas is evident in the numbers. Rural areas face a significant disadvantage, with a higher patient-to-dentist ratio and substantially less government funding per head for social care and public health responsibilities. This financial imbalance has tangible impacts on the availability and quality of health and care services in rural communities.

A Roadmap to Rural Health and Care Success

Our campaign outlines a comprehensive set of policy recommendations and calls to action for the immediate 18 months and the first 3 years following the next General Election. These include:

  • Immediate Protections: Adopting the EFRA Committee's recommendations on rural mental health and establishing a dedicated rural health policy team.
  • Workforce Development: Implementing a rural workforce strategy to enhance training and recruitment across health and care sectors.
  • Strategic Planning: Ensuring health strategies are inclusive of rural challenges, from housing quality to job opportunities, and reflect the true cost of service delivery in rural settings.

Our policy solutions advocate for:

  • Enhanced access to hospitals and local care through better transport and multi-disciplinary health hubs.
  • Increased investment in public and mental health services to address funding disparities.
  • Fair funding models to support the higher costs of delivering social care in rural settings.
  • Strategic incorporation of rural needs in the NHS Workforce Plan and the UK Health Security Agency's strategic planning.

A Call to Action
The Winning The Rural Vote campaign passionately calls for a reappraisal and enhancement of rural health and care services, highlighting the urgent need for equitable healthcare access across rural landscapes. We call upon policymakers and legislators to heed the detailed policy recommendations presented in our roadmap, including the creation of a dedicated rural health policy team, the application of rural proofing in health planning, and the assurance of fair funding models.

These pivotal steps are foundational to ensuring that the distinct voices of rural communities are not only heard but also acted upon in the corridors of power, leading to policies that genuinely reflect and address their unique challenges. By advocating for strategic policy reforms, increased support for healthcare professionals, and the strengthening of digital and transportation networks, our campaign envisions a future where rural healthcare disparities are eradicated. This vision is aimed at positioning rural health concerns at the heart of national healthcare dialogues, ensuring that rural communities are recognised as vital contributors to our collective health and resilience.

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