What should the future of supported housing look like?

Next week sees the launch of the annual Starts at Home day, which aims to highlight the work that housing associations do to ensure people are able to live independently. 

Alongside celebrating the positive impact housing has on communities in England, the National Housing Federation which is behind the day, wants there to be an agreement on what supported housing needs from the next government.

Rosie Mclellan from the NHF says as we head to the next General Election, we need a long-term plan for housing:

“We need a long-term plan for housing. A decent, affordable home should be a right for us all, wherever we live across the country. It is the foundation of our health, happiness and prosperity. 

“For example, recent research shows that were it not for supported housing, 41,000 more people would be homeless, with a further 30,000 people at risk of homelessness. The Department for Health and Social Care’s White Paper also predicts that demand for supported homes in England will increase by 125,000 by 2030.” 

Rosie goes on to say:

“Our need and impact as a sector is clear: supported housing is essential to society, saves the taxpayer money and needs more investment. Despite this, we have seen a shortfall in investment in supported housing, and a lack of a long-term plan for housing. We’re asking the next government to implement a series of policy changes to safeguard the future of supported housing.

“This year, we’re focusing on two policy asks, a commitment to long-term funding and to make every decision about care, a decision about housing.”

Find out more about Starts at Home Day and get involved here.


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