Up to 50% of all GP post could become vacant over the next 10 years

Chronicle Live reports that new estimates by the Health Foundation suggest a quarter of posts could be vacant in the next 10 years, with a worst case scenario putting the figure at 50%

The Think Tank found that the current shortage of 4,200 full time GP’s is set to rise to 10,700 by 2030/31, posing a significant risk to the quality of care patients receive.

The Health Foundation also expressed that the Government is unlikely to reach its recruitment target in this area by 2023/24 amidst huge pressures currently faced by the services.

These figures come after GP’s threatened industrial action over contracts requiring late shifts to combat backlogs.

Commentators have emphasised that in order for the Government to avoid projections made by the Health Foundation, they must avoid controversial changes and make GP roles attractive to prospective talents.

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Chronicle Live - Up to 50% of all GP posts could become vacant over next 10 years warn health experts


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