Unlocking Potential for National Prosperity This Bank Holiday

This Bank Holiday weekend, as countless families head to England's rural and coastal areas, the Rural Services Network (RSN) urges policymakers and leaders to acknowledge the untapped potential and vibrancy of rural communities. Rural areas are not simply serene retreats, but dynamic hubs of innovation and promise, which remain underfunded and overlooked by policymakers.

The RSN's ‘Winning the Rural Vote’ campaign highlights the importance of fair funding and support for rural communities. Despite making up 40% of the UK's constituencies, rural areas receive significantly less government funding compared to urban regions, creating disparities across public services, healthcare, digital connectivity, and local economies. This funding imbalance stifles the growth and prosperity of these communities, despite their potential to contribute more substantially to the nation's wellbeing.

RSN's campaign seeks to address these issues by advocating for fair funding that reflects the costs of delivering services in rural areas, ensuring rural vibrant communities can thrive. We urge all political parties to appreciate the needs and opportunities in rural areas, ensuring equitable access to essential services, sustainable development, and a balanced distribution of national resources.

This Bank Holiday, as visitors enjoy the scenic beauty and unique character of rural England, let us also commit to nurturing its potential, recognising the essential role these communities play in our national fabric. The RSN calls on all political parties to consider the roadmap laid out in the ‘Winning the Rural Vote’ campaign, ensuring that rural England is no longer overlooked in policy making.

Kerry Booth, Chief Executive, Rural Services Network

As families enjoy the beauty and charm of our rural areas this Bank Holiday, we seek to highlight the vital role rural communities play in shaping our nation's overall prosperity. Our 'Winning the Rural Vote' campaign serves to amplify the voice of rural England, ensuring fair funding and support for these areas to thrive. Rural communities are home to vibrant businesses, innovative solutions, and sustainable development opportunities. With balanced investment and policy focus, we can empower rural areas to contribute even more significantly to the nation's economic and social wellbeing. 


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