University of Lincoln Secures £10.9m for Rural and Coastal Health Research

The University of Lincoln has secured a £10.9m grant to conduct research on health issues affecting rural and coastal communities. The areas in question experience shorter life expectancies and higher rates of preventable conditions. The funding aims to establish a groundbreaking institute in the city dedicated to addressing these inequalities.

Prof Mark Gussy, a representative from the university, emphasised the importance of equal outcomes and opportunities regardless of one's place of residence.

Prof Gussy, serving as a global professor in rural health and social care, highlighted the institute's commitment to addressing urgent place-based inequalities.

Covering 85% of the UK population and housing around 10 million people, rural and coastal communities face unique challenges. Lincolnshire, with over 50 miles of coastline and wetlands, stands out as one of the largest counties grappling with these issues.

The university pointed out that apart from differing health outcomes, residents in these areas confront significant challenges such as deprivation and the repercussions of climate change. These factors contribute to elevated rates of preventable conditions, increased visits to accident and emergency services, and shorter life expectancies.

The funding, granted by UK Research and Innovation's Expanding Excellence in England, reflects a crucial investment in addressing health disparities in these communities and fostering comprehensive research on rural and coastal health and wellbeing.


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