UK sets aside £50bn extra for public services during pandemic

The Financial Times reports that the Government has authorised £48.5bn in additional spending on public services as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, including £15bn for personal protective equipment (PPE) for health workers

Chancellor Rishi Sunak MP (Con) revealed the outlay of £48.5bn on Wednesday as he set out a new economic stimulus package that is nearly three times recent forecasts by the Office of Budget Responsibility (OBR) and also includes £10bn for the testing and tracing programme that is key to reopening the economy while containing future localised spikes. 

The breakdown of the extra spending on public services showed that £32bn was targeted at healthcare while the Treasury also approved more than £5bn to support train and bus services hit by the crisis, £4.7bn to help local Governments deal with pressures on social care, and £1.2bn for schools.

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The Financial Times - UK sets aside £50bn extra for public services during pandemic


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