Shire counties call on PM for more funding

The Shropshire Star reports that 30 local authority leaders have called on Boris Johnson to provide better funding for shire counties

A letter has been sent to the Prime Minister outlining the need for greater funding from central government in rural areas. It explains that rural areas receive £209 less for each resident compared to their urban counterparts.

One Conservative councillor from Shropshire commented: ‘For decades our shire counties have been left behind urban areas when it comes to council funding. Counties receive just £240 for each resident compared to £449 in urban areas, with central London receiving £601. A lack of funding has contributed to the perverse situation in which some residents in London pay half the council tax of those in shire counties. Counties face a deficit of £11.2 billion – nine times greater than in the capital.’

Full article:

 → The Shropshire Star - Shropshire Council leader joins call on PM to increase funding for shires


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