Rural Deprivation and Inequalities

Rural Deprivation and Inequalities seminar held at the Teesside University Darlington Campus, Vicarage Road, Darlington on the 21 May 2013

Presentations were as follows:
- David Hunter (Durham University) - The Impact of Health System Reform on Health Inequalities: New dawn or poisoned chalice?
- Joyce Liddle (Teesside University) - The Adonis Review: will this help or hinder rural deprivation and inequality?
- Liz Charles (Durham Rural Community Council) - Fuel poverty and cooperative buying groups
- Jon Carling (Independent consultant) – So, is deprivation an issue for older and younger people in rural areas?

Breakout sessions: 
Group Discussion Notes from AM and PM sessions

Articles and accompanying materials:
Professor David Hunters - ‘Will 1 April mark the beginning of the end of England’s NHS? Yes’
Jon Carling - Older people and younger people in rural areas: is deprivation an issue?

Point to note - The RSN has now established a national Rural Health Network following its launch at the Challenging Times conference in Nottingham in November 2012. A second conference is planned for the autumn at the Exeter Chiefs Rugby Ground and Conference Centre on 18 October 2013. A detailed programme for the conference will be published very shortly. 


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