RSP Member - Vectos

Vectos is the most prolific UK consultancy on international research and demonstration programmes into the psychology of movement and breaking the link between economic and traffic growth, working on more than 10 key programmes involving more than 50 towns and cities. We are also one of the UK’s leading consultancies in the promotion of development-related active travel design, advising both private and public sector. We focus on designing for the relationship between active travel and economic growth. Our work focuses on mobility and the accessibility of day-to-day facilities by choice of means of transport, particularly emphasising sustainable mobility. Virtual mobility is also a large part of this through the internalisation of trips as a result of high-quality public realm including inclusive living, well-designed public spaces and roads and access to facilities.

Our involvement in state-of-the-art European programmes such as CIVITAS enables the intelligence learned to be fed directly into the company’s UK portfolio, to ensure Vectos’ advice and solutions remain at the international leading edge. Through our international work, we can also provide clear advice on the increasingly vital sustainability measures necessary for new and existing developments and the requirements to design and achieve behavioural change in mobility patterns. To achieve these sustainability measures we promote a number of initiatives and concepts, many of which are part of our research and demonstration projects or are being delivered in developments.

The innovations for urban mobility which have proven successful in cities, have tended to highlight the lack of progress in outer suburban areas, satellite towns and rural areas. There has been increasing diversity between the benefits in cities and in their regions. So, international research has turned its attention for new research firmly on mobility in suburbs, towns and rural areas.  Of course in the UK planning context we’re putting a lot of effort into including these concepts in strategic housing sites, which are often in towns, suburbs and rural areas. Embracing mobility, including, but not exclusively, traffic, helps us get planning consents. It makes for better places, for healthier people, better use of road space, more efficient use of our mobility infrastructure and ultimately the means to grow without the transport pain that in the old days would have come with it. It means we design streetscapes with the pedestrian scale in mind and to encourage people to interact. Mobility starts with masterplanning.

Our SMARTA project is an international research and demonstration project which is developing new insights into the challenges faced by rural communities across the world in maintaining good transport and accessibility. The project consortium offers expertise to selected rural sites to pilot and evaluate innovative solutions to overcome these challenges. The research and testing will provide us with a series of solutions that can be deployed across the UK and other countries such as on demand and shared mobility services, new technologies, platforms and cross-sector working, benefiting local economies and keeping communities connected. The project will build a network of stakeholders to share these good practices and help overcome barriers.


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