Lockdown 3.0

We are still here at the RSN for all of our customers and partners. We remain working from home, ready to support you all to ensure that the rural voice is heard at a national level. We'd love to hear from you if you have any queries or want to get in touch admin@sparse.gov.uk

RSP Member - The Exam House

The Exam House is a private candidate Exam centre. Including GCSE & A Level exams to private candidates outside of school or college. Rural home learners and exam candidates who often do not have the opportunity to sit exams at their local school or college. The Exam House provides the flexibility needed to accommodate rural underserved learners. 

Focussing on delivering quality exam access to outside and private candidates across the exam boards.  

We are based in Buckinghamshire and provide flexibility to even the most complex exam access arrangements. We regularly work with EHC and access arrangements. 

The Exam House provides: 

  • GCSE & A Level Exam Centre
  • AQA Exam Centre
  • Edexcel Exam Centre
  • Cambridge International Exam Centre
  • Education and healthcare plans
  • Access arrangements 

The Exam House works closely with online learning providers that are popular with rural learners.

We keep in regular touch with learning providers and exam boards. Focusing on delivering quality exam centre services to independent learners

Web: www.theexamhouse.co.uk
Email: Exams@theexamhouse.co.uk
Tel: 02071832151


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