RSP Member - Rural Business Group (CiC)

The Rural Business Group (CiC) is a new membership organisation for rural businesses and community organisations, which will officially launch in February 2019.

Its founders, Anna Price and Jemma Clifford, recognised that there is a limited amount of practical business support on offer specifically for rural business. Their own experiences of creating successful rural enterprises backs this up. Navigating the plethora of information that’s available about funding, infrastructure, marketing, selling, supply chain & logistics, recruitment to name a few, is difficult at the best of times for small businesses. When the challenges that you face are compounded by location and simply being rural this can feel insurmountable

The Rural Business Group aims to enable rural businesses to access information via a single point. They hope to work with organisations - both commercial, community, policy focussed - any organisation who has something of use to offer to rural business. The Group is for ALL the people who make rural business work. It is interested in working together - in breaking down barriers and not creating them.

Anna Price: “We want to put a marker in the sand to say 'we are rural business' - we want to act as an enabler; as a group who champions rural business and who has their best interests at heart.”

The Group will have both members and partner-members. Members will come to the Group with an issue, and then will be personally introduced to a partner who can help to resolve that issue - though of course there are no obligations to use their services. The Group will also aim to create regional communities of rural businesses, through networking and other events, to create a space for businesses to connect and share their challenges, solutions, and successes. In addition, the Group will endeavour to raise up the voices of its community of members, so that their concerns may be heard by those in a position to make real change.

The Rural Business Awards run alongside the Rural Business Group. Now in their fourth year, the RBAs exist to give recognition to businesses operating right across the Rural sector, to acknowledge the breadth and depth of opportunity presented by the Great British countryside, as well as to celebrate the achievements of our rural businesses. They are the only independent, national awards programme which focuses specifically on the rural sector.


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