RSP Member - Outside the Box

Outside the Box provides development support to groups and people across Scotland who want to make a difference in their communities.

We began in 2004. We are a small, independent charity and aim to work as a social enterprise.

We give practical support and enable people to learn the types of skills that are important both for establishing new ventures and for sustaining them.

We assist people to contribute on issues that are about how their community or how society works – such as when older people want to offer their skills and experience to families and young people – as well as on matters that are specific to their own circumstances.

We encourage people to think of themselves and other people as citizens, rather than as recipients of services or as people who are restricted by a particular description or label.

Over the years have learned about the issues that affect the thousands of people and hundreds of groups with whom we’ve worked and about what sorts of community development support work best in different situations.

Our Values

  • Everyone can contribute to their community and to society if they have the right encouragement and support. One of the contributions we all make is our presence.
  • Everyone’s experience and ideas matter.
  • The labels society puts on people do not change the contributions we are all able to make.
  • There are benefits both to individual people, and to our communities, when all people are welcomed and included.
  • Everyone has the right to have access to services and other supports that are relevant to their circumstances and choices, which are delivered to high standards, and which treat them and others with respect.
  • Organisations are better at what they do when they listen to, act on and learn from the views and experiences of the people whom they are there to serve, and when they work in partnership with their communities.
  • Action to make real, sustainable change happen starts from where people are, and works with their strengths, enthusiasms and priorities.
  • We can all get ideas from what other people have done and what has been tried in other places. We can also share what we have learned with other people.
  • Society is stronger when we celebrate each other’s contributions and value our own.


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