RSP Member - NM Group (NoteMachine)

NM Group (NoteMachine) has one of the UK’s largest ATM networks. With over 11,000 machines, we have one of the leading European ATM and foreign exchange businesses. We provide award-winning, cost-efficient services to major UK banks, and continue to expand our range of services to offer fully integrated financial services and technology solutions across branch banking.

The majority of our 11,000 ATMs are located at some distance from banks and other suppliers of cash.

 We are very keen to ensure the UK consumer have the widest access to cash, including those rural or urban areas.  To that end, and to maintain the use of Free To Use (FTU) cash access, we are  keen to keep the interchange fees, which enable FTU cash transactions to be at a reasonable level, to support such access.  These fees are paid by the organisation which issues the card to cover the cost of cash withdrawals by their customers.  The adequacy of such fees is essential at a time when rural communities are under threat from the closure of retailers, banks and other local institutions.  

 We resolutely believe  that cash is important to the viability of such local communities and that there should be mechanisms both for the withdrawal of cash locally on a ‘free’ basis and also that small businesses in communities can pay in cash through automated mechanisms where there is an absence of banks to enable local communities to function.

 We have, and remain able to, pass on our increasing efficiency as a utility supplier of cash at fees which are lower in both nominal and real terms than they were 5 years ago.


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