RSP Member - AF Affinity Limited

AF Affinity Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of The AF Group, a farmer-owned UK agricultural cooperative with an annual turnover of over £260million. Utilising the buying power of AF, Affinity caters for both the B2B and B2C market by saving them money on a wide variety of goods and services including heating and vehicle fuel, insurance, vehicles, telecoms, gas and electricity.

Affinity’s value lies in its ability to streamline procurement processing and deliver efficiency and cost savings to its clients. One example is the work we undertake to support individuals and businesses suffering with fuel poverty in ten rural community councils by managing and operating fuel syndicates on their behalf. In 2018 we delivered over 10.3 million litres of heating oil to syndicate members by leveraging our purchasing power to deliver savings to users and we will grow this number in 2019.

Unlike mains gas or electric, heating oil is an unregulated commodity and is exposed to socio-economic and environmental forces which can cause market volatility and price fluctuations. With two key ordering periods in the autumn and winter, we utilise our market intelligence to update members on the best times to purchase and fill their tanks before prices rise during the winter. 

We make purchasing as easy as possible for clients by providing monthly pre-payment plans to shield members from the full cost of purchase and to make budgeting easier. Working with our syndicate partners, we manage the supply chain to ensure deliveries are prioritised to clients who are considered the most vulnerable as well as arranging urgent deliveries within 24 hours for clients who have run out completely, including orders outside of the syndicate dates.


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