RSN Review - Bus Back Better

The Rural Services Network has put together a first review of the new Bus Back Better: National Bus Strategy for England, launched by the Government last week

The paucity of rural transport options is an issue which strikes at the heart of rural disadvantage, impacting people’s access to employment, education and training, health, shops, and a host of other activities. It is a key driver of rural isolation and loneliness. It leaves rural communities highly car dependent, with consequences for the environment and national efforts to reach net zero (for carbon). This situation reflects a long-term lack of strategic policy thinking about what transport provision is needed and appropriate in rural areas.

A more detailed, RURAL LENS, view of the Bus Strategy will be published in due course but in the meantime, the RSN has published the attached initial analysis (download here)

This analysis goes through the specific asks of the RSN of Government in relation to Rural Transport and Access to Services.  These include:

  • Covid-19 Support
  • Bus Route Provision
  • Zero Emission Buses
  • Community transport
  • Cycling and Walking

For more information about the Revitalising Rural campaign and the specific focus on Rural Transport and Access to services view this link.


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