Rewilding 5% of England could create 20,000 rural jobs

The Guardian reports the rewilding 5 per cent of England could create nearly 20,000 jobs in rural communities and increase employment by 50 per cent compared with intensive farming, according to new data from charity, Rewilding Britain

The projection is based on surveys of 27 large rewilding sites in England. The area represents about 0.2 per cent of England and the job gains have been extrapolated to 5 per cent of England.

A spokesperson from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs comments that the Green Recovery challenge fund will invest in rewilding projects and communities across the country and is on track to support 2,500 jobs, especially those in rural areas.

Full article:

The Guardian - Rewilding 5% of England could create 20,000 rural jobs


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