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Renewable liquid fuels can deliver a low carbon future for rural households

PoliticsHome reports how renewable liquid fuels offer an affordable way to help consumers in rural areas decarbonise on the pathway to net zero

Housing and heating are one of the areas that requires the most urgent action in tackling climate change in the UK, with domestic heat accounting for around 20 percent of the UK’s carbon emissions.

Research has shown that decarbonisation of these areas will be extremely costly with rural households likely to be hit particularly hard, as they face the high cost and disruption of installing new low carbon heating systems and many live in older, larger, poorly insulated properties which will need to fund expensive home energy efficiency improvements.

A renewable liquid fuel solution would help overcome the crucial cost and disruption issues many rural households may face and in a recent survey of over 1,500 oil heated homeowners, an overwhelming 98 percent said they would be interested in this option.

Full article:

PoliticsHome - How renewable liquid fuels can deliver a low carbon future for rural households


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