Podcast Episode - The rural food bank

Carole Walker, is a former political news correspondent with the BBC.  She has developed her own Podcast called 'The View from Here' and has kindly allowed the Rural Services Network to include it on their website.

Talking about the Podcasts, Carole says "These podcasts will explore the issues which matter to you in your local community. They will focus on the concerns of people living in rural areas and small towns who often struggle to ensure their voices are heard in the corridors of power. This is politics outside the Westminster bubble."

This episode, is titled 'The rural food bank' details the hidden poverty in rural areas and why so many people in remote towns and villages are turning to food banks to feed their families.
The podcast is available  by clicking below:

These podcasts are published by Carole Walker and the views contained within are not necessarily reflective of the Rural Services Network.

Do you have a suggestion for Carol's podcast?

Do contact her at: 

Email - info@carolewalkercw.co.uk

Twitter - @carolewalkercw

Linkedin - carole-walker-cw


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