Rural Networking - How we work

We help to provide a voice for rural areas in several ways:

  1. We actively support Local Authorities by providing services for them, providing value for money.  
  2. We work with Parliament to inform and educate MP's about  the impact of their decisions on rural communities.
  3. We network across organisations that provide rural services to rural communities to share information, best practice and work together on key rural issues.
  4. We work with a wide number of rural members of parliament.  104 MPs are on the Rural Services All Party Parliamentary Group , 107 MPS are aligned to the Rural Fair Share Group of MPS (who we work with on Financial Grant Issues) and there are 31 MPs who are on a Rural Vulnerability Group which was created in January 2018.
  5. We run a Rural Panel of twelve members of the House of Lords who have agreed to work with us on rural issues.
  6. We are on the Executive Board of the National Rural Crime Network whose formation we were involved with in 2012.
  7. We provide administrative services to the Rural Housing Alliance of Housing Associations.
  8. We are on the  Board of the National Centre for Rural Health and Care Community Interest Company.
  9. We are working to form a Rural Panel with the University of Gloucestershire, and Sounding Boards for Rural Small Businesses and for Young people in rural areas with UK Youth.


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