'Our world will shrink tremendously' - Remote village set to be left behind

The Manchester Evening News interviewed residents of Mellor, a remote village in the Peak District, regarding their rapidly shrinking bus service

The bus service could soon disappear altogether after Transport for Greater Manchester’s committee decided funding it is no longer financially viable, with its chairman Coun Mark Aldred saying a £10m cut for subsidised services meant ‘a line in the sand’ had to be drawn.

The proposed cut to one of the last remaining bus routes would hit elderly residents and teenagers hardest, as they rely on the service.

With Greater Manchester currently looking to clean up its air and cut down on its emissions, villagers also highlighted the irony of bosses choosing to axe the service and force people into cars instead.

Full article:

The Manchester Evening News - Our world will shrink tremendously': Those living in Greater Manchester's most remote village set to be left behind


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