New statistics suggest regional epicentres of COVID-19

Several outlets report on the widening north-south COVID-19 divide, with fatalities and new infections far more common in regions outside of London

Research shows new infections are nearly twice as widespread in Yorkshire and the north-east than in London, with the north-west also seeing far more cases. Manchester Evening News says that the north of England has become the ‘epicentre’ of the UK COVID-19 pandemic - with nearly twice the number of new infections as London recorded.

ITV and the Swindon Advertiser also report on new figures that show that the south west is projected to have the highest R rate in the UK.

The research suggests all areas of the UK will see the R value - the rate of the spread of infection - decrease, except for the south west.

New confirmed cases of the virus in the West Country have been consistently low compared to other regions since lockdown began, suggesting a different recovery period as social distancing measures could just be having a different effect in more densely populated places.

This comes as the BBC reports on calls for regional lockdowns as new cases drop in other regions. The Scottish Government has not ruled out a ‘regionally varied approach’ but is not proposing one at present.

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