New data reveals decreased bus journeys

Local papers including the Shropshire Star and The Westmorland Gazette have reported that there were 4.1 billion bus journeys taken in 2019-20 across England, down 6 percent from 2018-19 and 12 percent from 2014-15

At the same time bus fares have increased more than the rate of inflation, and were up 2.5 percent from 2018-19 last year.

The Department for Transport said the number of bus journeys in 2019-20 was impacted by COVID-19 with restrictions imposed on March 23rd when people were discouraged from taking public transport.

However, a DfT spokeswoman said that the five-year downward trend did show there was ‘more that can be done to deliver reliable and regular bus services for both new and existing passengers’.

The Government is reportedly currently drawing up a National Bus Strategy aimed at laying a platform for working with local councils and private operators to improve local bus services.

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