MPs urge Barclays to reverse decision on Post Office cash withdrawals

The Shropshire Star reports that more than 100 MPs have put their names to a letter to Barclays calling on the bank to reverse its decision to stop cash withdrawals in Post Offices from January.

The cross-party group of MPs wrote to chief executive Jes Staley asking the bank to help end the ‘cash crisis’ that many constituents are facing. Roughly 15 million cash withdrawals were made by Barclays customers through the Post Office last year and there are fears that elderly and rural residents will be the hardest hit by the decision. The letter reads: ‘We would strongly urge you to reverse this decision to prevent your customers – and our constituents – from being left behind in the wake of the banking sector’s digitisation.’ A Barclays spokeswoman responded: ‘We acknowledge receipt of the letter from Chris Elmore MP, and we are working with him and other MPs to confirm our new commitments that will ensure that no one will be left without access to cash.’

Full article:

The Shropshire Star - Barclays urged by MPs to reverse decision to axe Post Office cash withdrawals


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