Millions more could be told to stay at home and shield

The Sunday Times has covered news that Boris Johnson set out a war gaming exercise last Wednesday in No 10 that debated the possibility of further travel restrictions and extra measures

The Prime Minister has ordered officials to draw up ‘nuclear’ plans to prevent another nationwide lockdown, which the paper notes may mean that millions more over 50s will be asked to stay at home if local lockdowns fail to halt a second wave of the virus.

When Mr Johnson paused the lifting of the lockdown last week he compared the prospect of a full national lockdown to a ‘nuclear deterrent’ that should be used only as a last resort.

However, during the wargaming session, Whitehall officials discussed a scenario where local lockdowns failed to curb the virus, and the Government would have to respond with ‘enhanced shielding’, which would see the number of people judged clinically vulnerable and urged to stay at home increase from the current total of 2.2 million to ‘a much wider group’.

However, ITV reported that Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick MP (Con) said the reports which surfaced in the Sunday Times were ‘just speculation’.

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