Link pledges to protect free cash machines

UK cash machine network Link has promised free access to cash on every UK high street, according to the website

The plan will see the UK’s banks and building societies contributing to a fund that can be made available should a high street be threatened by the loss of an ATM or Post Office.

The fund will be available to every retail centre with five or more shops - there are currently about 6,500 retail centres like this in the UK, with only about 10 having no free access to cash. Link will also directly commission free-to-use ATMs in communities with poor access to cash.

A restricted trial network is being installed in five locations around the UK and will run through 2020.

John Howells, Link CEO, said: ‘LINK is determined to defend free access to cash across the UK in the face of very rapidly declining cash use. Today’s action will protect consumers whilst much-needed industry reforms to move to a more sustainable utility infrastructure take place.’

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? - Link promises fee-free cash access on every UK high street


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