Latest housing headlines impacting rural areas

Latest headlines:

A new rural settlement: Fixing the affordable housing crisis in rural England

2 July 2018

Coverage of the housing crisis all too often focuses on our towns and cities, principally those in London and the South East. But unaffordability, and the problems it causes, are not isolated to urban areas. (IPPR)

The Rural Housing Crisis Is Destroying Communities, But How Can We Stop It?

3 July 2018

Rural areas much more vibrant and dynamic than many imagine – but they also suffer great deprivation and poverty too. (Huffington Post)

Rural areas at risk of terminal decline warn council chiefs

4 July 2018

England’s countryside is facing a “perfect storm” of threats that challenge the survival of villages and hamlets across the country, council leaders have warned. (The Express)

Rural land could be sold to housing developers

3 July 2018

Three patches of rural land are being auctioned off to housing developers in Kenliworth, Warwickshire. (Kenilworth Weekly News)

Rural landlords reject forced long-term tenancies

3 July 2018

Rural landlords say forcing the private rented sector to offer long-term tenancies would threaten the short-term lettings market and reduce the availability of rented homes in the countryside. (Rochdale Online)

LEPs accused of neglecting rural communities

25 June 2018

Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) have been accused of failing rural areas by a leading pressure group. (New Start)

Now is time to pay attention to community-led housing

13 June 2018

Community land trusts (CLTs) puts local people in control and can mobilise support for more homebuilding, says Catherine Harrington. (Inside Housing)

Puzzled by lack of attention to rural housing

15 June 2018

David Craggs says he is puzzled someone can write an article about attracting young people to rural areas, without once mentioning housing – both its lack of affordability and availability. (Yorkshire Post)

New homes as part of housing group's £32m scheme

3 July 2018

NEW homes were top of the agenda at one County Durham development yesterday as part of £32million investment. (Northern Echo)

Rural families spend nearly a third of income on rent

2 July 2018

Families in rural areas are spending nearly a third of their income on rent, research has revealed. (Inside Housing)


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