How rural areas could cash in on staycations

Newspapers including the Lancashire Post have argued that rural areas could take advantage of the staycation boom as holidaymakers rethink their travel plans during the pandemic

Non-traditional holiday areas such as Lancashire present a ‘unique’ opportunity for local businesses to target an entirely new client base that may never have considered a rural chalet holiday before.

The Yorkshire Post has also reported that sales of lodges on Yorkshire's quiet, rural holiday parks have rapidly increased.

Meanwhile the Guardian is seeking views from people who are moving to smaller towns or more rural areas, amid an increase in home working and a desire for more outside space.

However, the BBC has reported that tensions between locals and tourists are increasing in rural areas, leading to warnings that the industry could be at risk if visitors are not made welcome.

Professor Michael Woods, director of the centre for Welsh politics and society at Aberystwyth University, commented that ‘if people are getting the message coming into rural Wales that they're not welcome, they're not going to come back’.

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