Future of transport: rural strategy call for evidence

Drawing on information provided by our members the Rural Services Network has responded to the government’s proposed rural transport strategy

We have identified that the call for evidence is silent on a number of current live issues and public transport policies that are, and have been for many years, having a major impact on rural areas.

These include:

  • The concessionary fares scheme (which by definition cannot bring benefit equal to that derived by urban residents where the bus services are few and far between)
  • Home to school transport
  • Access to post 16 education and training
  • Adequate funding to local government to support noncommercial bus routes
  • Goods transport aspects of carbon net-zero in relation to agricultural products
  • Carbon footprint of goods transport to rural (and urban areas)
  • Procurement / support for community transport

It is essential that these current issues are addressed without delay...

- Download the full copy of the RSN response

Revitalising Rural: Realising the Vision is a campaign led by the Rural Services Network to challenge Government on a number of policy areas that affect rural communities. It is being launched on March 1st.

Download the Rural Transport and Access to Services chaper here 


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