Free-to-use cash machines within a ‘reasonable distance’ of every UK home

The Sun writes this weekend that Britons will soon get better access to free-to-use cash machines under Government plans, as banks and building societies will be required to give access within a ‘reasonable distance’ of every home in the UK

Cash use in some parts of Britain has fallen 90 per cent as ATMs were switched off or ran out of money and consumers rejected notes and coins over fears that they could carry COVID-19.

Data compiled by The Sunday Times shows that 7,200 cash machines were shut down in April and May, with 5,040 still out of action, raising fears that many may never reopen.

The Treasury has now said it is ‘coordinating work across government, regulators and industry’ to put the new plans in place. ATMs are a livelihood for elderly and vulnerable people as they are one of the ways they depend on getting cash.

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