Free LPG tank installation for rural businesses

Calor is offering a free liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) tank and pipework installation to rural, off-grid agricultural businesses.

The offer is available immediately, with rural farming businesses currently using oil, solid fuel or electricity eligible to receive a free, above-ground LPG tank of up to 4,000 litres, complete with professional installation, a concrete base and groundworks, and up to 10 metres of pipework with underground moling will be provided at no additional cost.

Owners who would prefer their tank to be hidden from view can pay just £1,500 for a single underground tank installation of up to 4,000 litres, which includes excavation works and 10 metres of pipework with underground moling.

For many rural businesses, a connection to the mains gas supply may not be feasible and owners have to rely on an alternative fuel source to provide heating and hot water.

This latest offer from Calor will help businesses save significantly on both installation and maintenance costs, as Calor also remains responsible for the upkeep of the tank.

Better performance, less cost

As well as cost savings, switching to LPG with this new Calor initiative delivers a wide range of benefits for owners keen to improve their fuel efficiency and performance

LPG is the cleanest burning fossil fuel for carbon emissions, emitting 20 per cent less CO2 per Kwh than heating oil. It also emits fewer harmful sulphur oxides and nitrous oxides and particulates, resulting in healthier air quality. There is also a wide range of high-efficiency boilers available, helping to reduce energy consumption further.

No fuel theft

Rural agricultural businesses are highly dependent on the reliability and availability of their on-site fuel supply. In contrast to oil, which remains a common target for thieves, it is virtually impossible to steal LPG from a gas tank, as it evaporates upon contact with the air.

Furthermore, oil theft nearly always involves spillage, which must be cleared up at the business’s expense. As LPG evaporates, there is no risk of spillage, nor subsequent clean-up costs and rising insurance premiums.

Greener alternative

For agricultural businesses keen to use renewable technology to help reduce their carbon footprint, LPG is also an excellent partner fuel. It provides a reliable back-up fuel source for alternative, weather-dependant energy solutions, such as heat pumps or solar PV.

Just like mains gas

LPG also offers all the flexibility of mains gas, useful for farming diversification projects that might have branched out into bed and breakfasts, for example. LPG provides a real-flame for cooking, as well as a proven fuel source for round-the-clock heating and hot water. Calor tanks also feature intelligent top-up technology, which automatically reorders gas when the tank is running low and schedules a delivery, so owners are assured of a readily-available supply.

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