Food vulnerability update from Defra

The following is an update from the Food Vulnerability section at DEFRA on recent work

  • DEFRA have launched our service that allows local authorities to refer vulnerable people for reserved grocery delivery services - any local authorities wanting to adopt this service should complete the short form online:
  • So far 7 local authorities have started using the referrals service and we are able to offer delivery services from two retailers; we have a pipeline of more than 50 who are preparing to adopt it and start making referrals over the next week
  • We have updated our information for charities and local authorities about alternative grocery delivery services to include some new products and services that have recently been launched: 
  • We have opened the new Food Charity Grant Scheme to provide financial support for front-line food aid charities in England to buy food to distribute through their networks.
  • This week we have seen our 100,000th referral to NHS volunteer responders for errands, and we know anecdotally that a lot of these are to collect food for vulnerable people
  • We have worked with the Government Digital Service and providers to enable and support the de-registration of shielded vulnerable people - where needed - from the food box scheme, including communications to end users
  • We have been working with Public Health England and the Devolved Administrations to develop dietary requirement options within the food box delivery scheme


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