Focus on Land & Habitat Management

CJS has recently produced a publication on Land and Habitat management in association with the Landscape Institute.  It includes 7 articles, 5 job profiles, including more opportunities to train, work and network.

The lead article from the Landscape Institute discusses their recent ‘Skills for Greener Places’ report – the skills gaps and what’s needed to plug those gaps.  Whereas the first job profile is of a Landscape Officer with a National Park Authority, detailing what the job entails and advice if you’re thinking of getting into this work.

Other articles include how a trainee with National Trust for Scotland is now in charge, how Lantra have covered some of the lesser-known jobs on the fringes of conservation, countryside & ecology and how the CLA employ lots of rural advisors and what’s needed for the job.

Read the full publication which also features forestry management and rewilding projects here:


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