We provide a range of services which may be of interest to those in an Financial Leadership  role in a Local Authority.


Local Authority Finance underpins all of the work of Local Authorities and effective management of these scarce resources is very important to all Councillors, Officers and Rural Communities. We provide a range of services to support this role including our Fair Funding campaign, RO/RA analysis and more.


The RSN campaigns for fairer funding for rural areas.  It costs more to deliver services in rural areas and the way that the Local Government Finance Settlement has been calculated has resulted in rural areas being significantly underfunded when compared to urban areas for a number of years.  We want fairer funding for rural areas.


The Campaign is a cross-party group of MPs, who support an impartial, objective, needs-based approach and a fair share of available national resources to local government funding and the funding by central government of other essential public service.  It is chaired by Steve Double MP.


This section includes our responses to Government Consultation and briefings on key issues for Finance Officers and Members with responsibility for Resources and funding.


A roundup of news stories focusing on rural issues


Rural experts consider key issues affecting rural authorities and provide in depth analysis.


We have 4 meetings a year, 2 Sparse meetings and 2 Rural Assembly meetings held at the LGA in London. These provide an opportunity for member authorities to come together to share best practice and network and work together on key rural issues.


We provide 6 regional seminar/networking meeting events around the country each year.  These focus on different rural issues to bring together service providers to focus on these issues.


We host an Annual Rural Conference which has become a key event in the rural calendar, bringing together expert speakers to share their views with rural delegates.


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