Figures show reduction in bus routes

Newspapers have reported last week of the reduction in bus routes over the last year as official figures are published by the Department for Transport.

The BBC reports that ‘the latest official data seems to show a reduction of 2,160 bus routes, or nearly 20% between 2022 and 2023. The Department for Transport acknowledged there has been a reduction in bus services.

But it said the figures were misleading because the way they are calculated has changed.’

Paul Tuohy, from Campaign for Better Transport, said reduced bus services is "leaving communities cut off from jobs, education, services, friends and family".

Mr Tuohy urged the DfT to provide more long-term funding for buses.

"We need an end to competitive funding and instead, long-term investment in the form of a single funding pot for all local authorities," he told the BBC.

The Guardian article, also quotes falling numbers from the recent statistics, and talks about the impact on communities who have lost their services.

You can read more at these links:

The Rural Services Network recognises the key role that transport plays in rural communities, providing a lifeline to residents to access employment, training and public services such as Doctors appointments.  Competitive bidding for Government transport funds, along with underfunding of rural councils, has unjustly left some areas with limited transport budgets.

Kerry Booth, Chief Executive of the RSN says:

“Investing in transport reduces social isolation, is better for the environment, and opens up employment and training opportunities, healthcare and public services, thereby reducing the burden on other government services.”


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