English city regions to get £6.9bn for public transport

The BBC reports that Chancellor Rishi Sunak has committed £6.9bn towards train, tram, bus and cycle projects in budget proposed last Wednesday

Areas set to receive funding include Greater Manchester (£1.07bn), West Midlands (£1.05bn), West Yorkshire (£830m), Liverpool City region (£710m), South Yorkshire (£570m), West of England (£540m) and Tees Valley (£310m).

However, some concerns have been raised that although infrastructure investment is welcomed, the frequency and coverage of bus services as well as the increasing fares must be addressed.

A recent survey by Centre for Cities revealed that reliance on cars was on a steady incline with drivers in rural areas more likely to be car-dependent (87%) than their urban counterparts (77%).

Full article:

The BBC - Budget 2021: English city regions to get £6.9bn for public transport


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