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Early social science insight of Mobile Access North Yorkshire released

Early social science insight has been released from Lancaster University Management School about Mobile Access North Yorkshire (MANY) – a Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) 5G Testbed and Trial project

The report: Report. The importance of social engagement in putting 5G connectivity in place aims to develop best practice, generate discussion for future collaborative work, and work out our collective next steps that might better achieve the goal – to help rural communities achieve socio-economic flourishing through improved connectivity.

The MANY project is developing a 5G infrastructure in North Yorkshire by bringing together a consortium of partners – made up of multinational companies, universities, local authorities and SMEs – to enable mobile access in a rural area, which currently has little or no current connectivity.

Via engagement with the residents and other stakeholders, the research team reveals three key research findings through the first phase of the study. These are working with the community; considerations for joined up thinking and action plans for ‘place’; and running complex projects with multiple stakeholders.

However, the work of MANY is just one element. Hence throughout the report, a series of questions have been posed to challenge the reader to consider their own projects. It is hoped that this will help generate discussion with others and continue conversation to develop collective next steps to better achieve our future aim’.

To that end, those interested and who are part of a digital infrastructure project are invited to attend a discussion event to bring their experiences, thoughts and knowledge

Title: Discussion event – The importance of social engagement in putting 5G connectivity infrastructures in place
Date: Thursday 15th July                            
Time: 2pm – 4pm
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