Department of Health and Social Care Call for Evidence on Womens Health

Women of all ages and backgrounds are being urged to respond to the call for evidence in order to capture the varying health issues women experience over their lives and the significant differences between women in terms of access to services, experience of services and health outcomes

The call for evidence seeks to examine experiences of the whole health and care system, including mental health, addiction services and neurological conditions as well as issues relating specifically to women such as gynaecological conditions, menopause and pregnancy and post-natal support.

Their overall strategic aim is to make this call for evidence meaningful to as wide a range of women as possible and easy for them to take part in so we can get high quality responses that inform future policy making. They will do this by appealing to specific interest groups, harnessing the power of our stakeholders, and having interesting conversations that matter to women and appeal to the media.

The call for evidence will run until 11:45pm on 13 June 2021.

Link to complete consultation:


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