Cuts in street lights warning

Councils are switching off street lights in an attempt to make savings, according to The Times, with Devon county council even advising residents to use torches after 12.30am when lights are put out

Responses to Freedom of Information requests show that some 85 per cent of councils were dimming or switching off lights with the figures showing that councils have spent £15 million less over the last two years despite rises in the cost of electricity.

Campaigners, however, are worried that the ‘lights out’ strategy is causing more deaths on the road and leaves residents, particularly older people, confined to their homes. Luke Bosdet of the AA argued: ‘

The switching off of street lights was always going to have deadly consequences, particularly on roads of 40mph or faster. Inquests have confirmed 11 road accident fatalities as a result of street lights being switched off. The names of the dead stand testament to the recklessness of councils.’

Full article:

→ The Times - Turning off lights saves councils £15m ‘but costs lives’


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