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COVID-19 vaccination sites out of reach for hundreds of thousands in England

The Financial Times reports that ‘hundreds of thousands’ of people in England without access to a car are likely to struggle to reach their nearest COVID-19 vaccination centre, deepening ‘postcode lottery’ concerns over the vaccine delivery plan.

The analysis suggests the vaccine rollout risks further worsening income, ethnic and geographic divides, as those in rural areas have to travel impracticably long journeys to receive the protection of a jab.

The Government’s ability to meet its target of vaccinating about 15 million of the most vulnerable by the middle of February will be dependent on volunteers transporting those without vehicles to the vaccine centres, particularly in rural areas.

The data reveals about 5.5 million people in England live more than one hour’s travel on public transport from their nearest vaccination centre, of whom 336,000 are estimated not to have access to a car.

A total of 1.3 million of that group are aged 65 and above, of whom 166,000 are unable to use a car.

Full article:

The Financial Times - Covid vaccination sites out of reach for hundreds of thousands in England


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