COVID-19 – Rural business update

The Somerset County Gazette rounds up some of the ways COVID-19 is affecting rural property owners and businesses

The article points out that the COVID-19 outbreak has exposed the weaknesses of the supply chain with shoppers experiencing empty shelves, while primary producers see prices fall, millions of workers are furloughed, and food risks rotting in the fields due to a lack of labour. 

A snap poll conducted by Farmers Weekly also revealed almost 80 per cent of respondents thought that public footpaths in the countryside should be closed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 via gate latches and other points of contact.

However, Natural England has pointed out that farmers do not have the legal right to instigate arbitrary closures of rights of way across their land. Where possible, it suggests tying gates open.

Full article:

The Somerset County Gazette - Covid 19 – Rural business update


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