COVID-19 death rates 'could be 80% higher in rural communities'

The Evening Standard published a study which has predicted significantly higher levels of COVID-19 fatalities in rural locations due to larger ageing populations

The analysis found that death rates could be up to 80 per cent higher if the outbreak reaches people in these more remote areas.

It is feared this could have long-term socio-cultural impacts on certain communities, particularly on rural areas with higher ageing demographics and areas which are strongholds for minority languages.

If the pandemic continues to prevail and the virus spreads to all areas of the UK, remote small towns and rural communities are projected to have 50 per cent to 80 per cent higher death rates than the main cities because of their old population composition, which in some small communities could be devastating.

High-risk and vulnerable communities are concentrated in large areas of south-west England, coastal communities of east and south-east England, north Wales, northern England, southern Scotland and the north-west Highlands.

One of the key ways to ensure vulnerable communities like these are protected is to clamp down on people heading to rural areas for respite or escape.

Full article:

The Evening Standard - Coronavirus death rates 'could be 80% higher in rural communities'


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