Connect communities to ultrafast broadband

If you’re not included in any fibre rollout plans, or if you have fibre but want faster speeds, have you considered a Community Fibre Partnership with Openreach?

Wherever you are, and whatever you need faster broadband for, Openreach’s community fibre partnerships model brings fibre broadband to homes and businesses by building a customised solution to meet your needs.

Whether you live in a rural location, a block of flats in a city centre, or you may represent a group of businesses in an industrial park that's suffering from slow internet speeds, Openreach will work with you to find a way to bring superfast or ultrafast fibre broadband to your area.

Where possible they bring together funding from Local Authorities, Government voucher schemes and other grants to help make things affordable - plus they contribute toward the cost in line with their own commercial model too.

Tens of thousands of people have already benefited from faster broadband after their communities partnered with Openreach for a community fibre partnership. Could you?

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