Combating Rural Loneliness: How Homeshare Can Make a Difference

Rural loneliness is a significant issue that affects many people living in our countryside. According to Age UK, more than 2 million people in England over the age of 75 live alone and over half say they go over a month without speaking to a friend, neighbour or family member. It can have a profound impact on mental health and well-being.

With limited services and even more limited budgets, we need new ways to tackle loneliness among our older communities and RSN member Two Generations is doing just that with Homeshare.

What is Homesharing?

A ‘Homeshare’ brings together two people, often from different generations. It helps the Householder (typically an older person or one living with a disability) to feel safe, gain companionship, and retain independence. It helps the Sharer (typically mature students or key workers) with an affordable housing option as this living arrangement is far below average private rent price.

After a bespoke vetting, selection and matching process (interviews, matching meetings, a trial period, references and DBS checks), the Sharer moves in with the Householder, helps with household chores and provides a reassuring overnight presence. As safeguarding is key, Two Generations stays involved the whole way throughout the homeshare.


There are so many benefits for the householder – companionship, support around the house, help with utility bills, a chance to share experiences, gain fresh energy, be helped back into the community. For Sharers, Homeshare offers affordable accommodation, vital when limited rural housing and homelessness are major challenges. For councils, Homeshare is a complement to community services, as it helps older members maintain their independence and frees up resources and budgets for more your more urgent statutory care services.

Monthly charges for Householder & Sharer are kept low, making Homeshare a very affordable option, while Two Generations’ bursary scheme means cost isn’t a barrier to Homeshare.

In the last year, Two Generations has set up Homeshares across the UK. Here’s what some of them have to say about how it’s changed their lives.

Gretta & Rick, Hampshire

Jonquil & Sarah, Warwickshire

“Having homesharers made a significant difference to my mother’s life”
Jorge & Norman, Southern England


“I came to Two Generations looking forward to Homeshare in order that I find a family in the UK. And that is exactly what I found. I highly recommend home sharing.

And Householders’ family members acting as some of the UK’s 5M unpaid carers are also delighted with the respite Homeshare provides.

Family member from Surrey said “"Mum really enjoys having her sharer in the house and has said to me what a charming and considerate person she is. I am delighted my mother and her sharer are getting along so well and wanted to thank you for introducing us to such a wonderful homesharer!”

To find out more about Homeshare and how you can launch the service in your area, visit or email


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