Coastal towns feel fear over lockdown easing

During the Number 10 COVID-19 press conference on Tuesday 12th May, a reporter from the Lincolnshire Echo raised concerns from residents worried that the relaxation of lockdown guidance would drive visitors to coastal areas and expose them to a greater risk of infection

The journalist argued that the visitors would bring ‘minimal economic benefit’ as hospitality and tourist venues will largely stay closed. Business Secretary Alok Sharma MP responded that people should not be going to stay somewhere ‘overnight’, and maintained that the Government has been clear about how they should interact with people outside their household as well.

To support the hospitality industry, the Government has provided a one-year business rates holiday and support through £9 billion of grants for small businesses.

The Lincolnshire Live covers the response from the reporter who stated that he did not feel his question about ‘the worry coastal communities are feeling’ was answered ‘adequately’.

Meanwhile, MailOnline reports that rural communities were ‘pleading’ with the ‘millions’ of people that were planning on enjoying green spaces during the first weekend since the easing of lockdown.

Residents in towns and villages dotted around beauty spots, which have largely managed to isolate themselves from COVID-19, are anxious about being overwhelmed if people suddenly journey to rural areas.

The outlet reports on unrest inside one of Devon's coastal towns after second-home owners travelled to the seaside, leaving the full-time population of largely elderly residents 'frightened' about becoming infected.

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